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July 8, 2014


The single life is tough. Being married for most of my life I never realized the problems and challenges that singles have. It’s much easier to have someone to share life with.

I’ve had so many changes in my life over the past 5 years. My wife died, my first and then second grandchild born, I lost 160 pounds and the health problems that went along with the weight, and I got in good physical shape for the first time in decades. I bought a new home, remodeled it, sold the old house and now I’m in the process of doing that again.

The dating scene is new to me, a few years after my wife’s death I decided I would like to date again, meet someone to share my life with. It hasn’t been easy. After losing the weight I felt great and made an effort to meet someone. I signed up with online dating sites, and joined local groups. I’ve met many nice ladies and made a lot of friends.

The one person I fell for turned out not to be the person I thought she was. That lesson took a year to learn. I’m finally over her. I guess I’m lucky, I’ve talked to singles that were in abusive relationships for years.

I’ve found is that many ladies in my age range have been in several bad or abusive relationships. Something I can’t understand having been in a good marriage most of my life.

Many ladies this age have illnesses and almost all are on several medications including psychotropic drugs, and see doctors regularly for various conditions.  I’ve truly been blessed to have come to this stage of my life with no health problems and on no medications. I don’t even have a doctor, never have. So that too is hard for me to understand. Many people my age are overweight. This has a lot to do with why they are  in ill health, and their mental and emotional condition.  It seems that this is common for people today.

I know I’m not perfect, far from it. I’m learning lessons I never thought I would have to learn at this stage of my life. I remember thinking years ago, I’ll never have to worry about being single. Well it didn’t workout that way.

There is no guarantee of tomorrow. Any of us could die today. But like I told my two sons that were living at home when I decided to change my life, I’m going to do the best I can every day. I am going to eat the best freshest food I can afford and prepare it myself. Take care of myself and exercise regularly.

So the search continues. I hope to find the right lady. Someone to share my life with. A helper, a partner, a lover, a companion.  The first thing God saw that was not good, was that man was alone. 

We are made to need someone.

I posted this on my Facebook page and someone said:  "I am afraid to even try, the benchmark was set too high!"

I answered:  "My wife and I were a normal married couple. We had our ups and downs like all do. I'm sure I was her biggest problem.
I always loved her, even when I hated her I loved her. If you've been married for a while you know what I mean.

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Sometimes I wake up during the night or can't sleep. I write.

The night surrounds me,
I wear it like a glove.
the dark is comforting,
the quiet gives me thought.
I miss you so.
You’re not hear beside me to give me the joy of morning.
The light would bring with it your beautiful face.
A smile as I look at you in the growing light of a new day.
The night surrounds me.
I miss you so.

Blog Post 2-11-14


After I started my new lifestyle and began losing weight about two years after the death of my wife I decided that maybe I wasn't too old to date again. Being self-employed with an Internet business and living out in the country it's not easy to meet eligible ladies so I signed up on a dating website.
I started getting responses right away.  I have met many nice ladies and made friends. I've joined a few singles groups in central Kentucky and have even started a group called WOW, that is a group for Widows and Widowers.  For those of you who have friended me on Facebook you have been able to keep up with a little of what I've been doing.

A lady friend of mine on Facebook asked if I would date anyone that did not live my LCHF/Paleo/Primal lifestyle. She said she could not.  Well that's been something I have thought a lot about.
I don't say much about it on my dating site profile. I do say that I like to eat healthy and stay in shape and my special someone should too.  I've found very few people out there know how to eat healthy.
I've learned to be very careful how I let them know about my lifestyle. I usually don't bring it up on the first date.  I must say that there are several women who are changing because of my example.  Just about everyone wants to lose weight and feel good. So the answer to my Facebook friend is yes, I would date someone who doesn't eat the way I do. I would hope my example would help them.

I've been out with several ladies over the last two years. I'm learning. I'm still looking for the right one. I've come close. I would like to be married again some day.  It hasn't been easy, after all I was married to the same woman for 36 years. She was my high school sweetheart so I don't know much about dating.  I can tell you it's a whole different world out there now.  I read where one third of all marriages now are a result of online dating sites. So there is hope.

One-third of married couples in U.S. meet online: study
These pairs may also be happier and have longer-lasting and more satisfying marriages, according to a study from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

For you single men and women, the dating sites I like are:

Plenty of Fish  my user neme in POF is rusticman54
Ourtime    my user name on Ourtime is DanvilleDan

Ourtime is for people over 50.
I would also suggest you check out What ever your interest and just about every city around the country you should be able to find a group. If not they allow you to start your own group. I'm in several single groups in the Lexington area. It's a fun inexpensive way to meet people.

I'm thankful that I'm healthy and able to date.

Food, Books

Blog Post 2-10-14

Four Years Now

What a great day it is here in central Kentucky. One of the good things about living in Kentucky is the change of seasons. I'm setting at the dining room table having breakfast and looking out the big sliding door into the snow covered woods behind my house. I'm watching the red cardinals eat seeds on the back deck. They really sand out against the white background. The winter in Kentucky is beautiful but doesn't stick around too long, then we have the warm colorful days of spring.  Now I'm looking forward to spring.

I went to the local health food store here in Danville the other day to buy some beef. I noticed they were selling a new brand so I bought it.  When I tried it I knew it wasn't the same as the regular beef I buy. I asked if it was grass finished beef. They said that it was grass fed and grain finished. AHHH, that explains it I thought. I told the lady that they should sell only grass finished beef. She said the supplier told her that grain finished beef tastes better. I told her to do the research and she would find out why we should eat only grass finished beef. 
They are selling feedlot beef at the premium grass finished price. Ripping off the customers who think they are buying grass finished beef.

If you do the research you will find out why grass fed/ grass finished beef is better and why you should never eat grain fed beef.  I will include a few links in this post.

Why Grass fed Animal Products Are Better For You

Grass Fed Beef one of the healthiest foods

Effect of feeding systems on omega-3 fatty acids, conjugated acid and trans fatty acids in Australian beef cuts: potential impact on human health.

It's going on 5 years now since I began my lifestyle change. I'm happy to say that I'm keeping the weight off and feeling great. My story has inspired lots of people with weight and health problems and that is a great feeling.
I went to a semi formal dance the other night. It was the first time in 2 years that I had worn a suit. I got my suit out and was delighted to find that it fit well. I lost 160 pounds total but have put 10 back on in the past 2 years. I found that it was mostly muscle so the suit still fit.

Four years now and keeping it off. Feeling good.

Dan at over 340 pounds Me now
Dan at over 340 pounds
Dan now

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